Freak Out

July 9, 2013


So I must say that when I was thinking about moving south to take the job in Atlanta I had heard that the bugs were a bit big.  Let me just say that I am afraid of bugs.  Not the small tiny ones.  I’m good with those.  Tiny meaning very tiny and difficult to see.  […]

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Cancer, F**K You. Just Saying.

April 17, 2013


Yeah, okay the lyrics aren’t quite appropriate, but those of you familiar with my blog know I like to add the music with the blog as music is a huge part of me.  I must say when looking for the F**K You songs, well, you’re a bit limited on choices.  Yes, this is a F**K […]

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Elizabeth Miles, aka @IkenCeo

April 17, 2013


Today before lunch, I got on twitter to see if anything new had been discovered regarding the Boston Marathon tragedy, and instead I learned the passing of one of my early twitter friends @IkenCEO from @BrianInkster’s beautiful tribute and @Vidocq_CC’s beautiful tribute.  I can’t even begin to explain the heavy sadness that hit my heart […]

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Lessons Learned from Little Due Amici

April 9, 2013


This is my Little Due Amici.  She is my furry companion on this journey called life who has unknowingly, or at least I think so,  taught me a few life lessons (some I knew, but simply needed a reminder).  Little Due had somehow gotten lost from her mom and family, and found herself on her […]

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Succeeding with Your CRM

April 4, 2013


Today I worked with staff in various offices who are using our law firm’s CRM (client relationship management) software program to help promote our upcoming seminars in April and May.  For those of you unfamiliar with a CRM, it is a powerful, robust technology to help with marketing communications and business development initiatives.  Basically, a […]

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The Job I Wasn’t Made For…

March 30, 2013


A lunch discussion prompted this post.  The discussion was about jobs and revolved around a job each of us had which pretty much was the job you weren’t made to turn into a career.  Yep, I had one of those. The job?  Well, it was in sales.  The company?  A water softener company.  There was […]

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I Blame Gini Dietrich

March 28, 2013


“It’s Just My Take”…..that would be this blog which has been much ignored since 2011.  I get reminded (thank you WordPress) every time I go to preview or view a blog post I’ve created.   Let’s just say “Deb neglected this blog.” I’ll be honest.  I hit a block in the road in terms of blogging.  I […]

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