Fall, Time for Changes

Posted on October 5, 2009


I’ll be honest.  I’m not a big fan of fall.  Yes, I will agree it is beautiful with all of the color changes.  Slowly the leaves take on beautiful hues, the air gets crisp, the sun casts pretty shadows…but let’s get real.  If you do not like winter, well, it is a slow, grueling reminder of the coming ice, snow, etc.

Football makes it easier as I’m a diehard fan…but this season (well, and last) the KC Chiefs have not made this any easier.  And Todd Haley, I blame you.  Sorry, I have to blame someone.  Yet as I’ve watched each game, it has been an interesting study in management.  Whether a Coach of a football team or a business manager, intimidation does not work.  Scare tactics don’t work.  Truly having people operate under the fear that they will lose their job or get demoted to sitting on the bench does not yield the optimum results from individuals.  I’ve seen that strategy many times.  All right, occassionally you might yield a victory….but, is it worth the long term negative effects, or in the Chiefs case…immediate?

I don’t think so.  Yes, there are times when you must give tough love, but you still must respect, grow, nurture and guide those you are responsible for.  Just my take.

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