Lessons Mom Taught Me for Twitterville

Posted on October 21, 2009


Thank you Mom.  The lessons you taught me growing up are the best practices for Twitterville.  Who’d have thunk?  And yes, you really do get and understand Twitterville even though you aren’t online.  You get it better than most who are online and on twitter.  You understand that twitter is all about relationships, not about technology, or the buzz factor, but building true relationships.

Lesson One:     Always say thank you.  Wow, this is so true.  If someone retweets something you have tweeted, recognize the tweet and say thank you.  People like to be thanked and should be for taking a moment to do something.  Time is valuable for all of us and the fact that someone takes a moment is special.

Lesson Two:     Give Others Recognition They Deserve:  Don’t take credit for a tweep post that isn’t yours.  A good blog post, link to an article, quote or just plain good tweet.  Great to share good stuff, just make sure you give credit that it wasn’t something you found or did on your own.

Lesson Three:  Promote Others:  Promote others good work.  It is amazing how good it feels to promote someone else’s businesses…truly.  Watching them succeed and grow is really rewarding.  Nothing makes you feel better.

Lesson Four:  Play Well With Others:  Truly, it is about playing with others.  Get to know your fellow tweeps.  Have fun.  Laugh, play, enjoy.  Get to know what your tweeps do other than business.  Life is not all biz…it is also about play and the journey.

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