To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Posted on October 29, 2009


So the big sports news in Kansas City is not the terrible game on Sunday losing to the Chargers, but rather Larry Johnson’s tweet as a response to another tweet. Johnson is currently suspended pending an investigation.

The NFL struggled over the summer to determine what the social media policy, particularly twitter, would be. Larry, you did not help the NFL in learning to accept that social media is here, you can’t ignore it, you need to understand and engage in it.  You also clearly have no concept of how to utilize twitter to build relationships with your fans and the KC community as a whole. 

We (KC fans) certainly understand frustration.  Trust me.  While you are making millions, we are paying for tickets, parking, food and drinks (none of which are cheap in this economy) and enduring a painful season.  You could truly tap into the power of twitter to build a fan base of loyal fans devoted to you and the Chiefs who would continue to spend their hard earned money to watch a frustrating game.  Instead, you decide to hurl slurs at coaches and reporters.  Thanks, we appreciate the inmaturity and lack of respect.

There are many good NFL tweeps. @KerryRhodes @sj39 are two examples of players I have followed for quite some time. They are engaging with their followers, interesting and generous with their community. They represent the NFL very well.  And @sj39 (a.k.a, Steven Jackson) is with a 0-7 team.

Trust me when I say many of us are frustrated with the current environment (and I’m not just talking Chiefs).  But pouting, sulking and throwing degrading slurs is not the mature way to deal with it.  Time to grow up Larry or you will regret that you didn’t take this moment to do so.

Some advice Larry (from someone you will ever know),  if you are going to tweet, find some of your peers (and I only mentioned two of many) and have them teach you twitter. You obviously don’t get it. Hopefully during this downtime you’ll ask for some guidance. Sounds like you will have some time for learning…and maybe not just about twitter. Just saying….

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