What Would You Do?

Posted on October 29, 2009


The story of the Richmond High School student gang raped, robbed and beaten for over 2 hours with bystanders watching and not one individual helping has left me disturbed.  I’m sorry, I can’t imagine watching a violent crime and not doing anything. 

This is not the first such story, but each story that is told makes me ill.  I guess it is because I truly believe it is basic human nature to want to help another individual.  I see small and large instances of it daily.

So, I wonder?  What would you do? 

Most of us are fortunate and never get that test.   I have twice.  Once driving past an alley and happening to glance to my right to see a man hit a woman in an alley.  I steered the car that way honking loudly.  Fortunately, he left.  (I’m 5 ft, 90 lbs…would have lost that battle) and the second at a family dinner where I did CPR.  I feel blessed to know that I act.   I like to think that is what people do.  My experiences with people have been that people genuinely act in good deeds, but I’m not naive enough to think that is what all do.

So, I ask.  If you had been in that dark alley, what would you have done?

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