Deb’s Follow Friday Twitter Picks

Posted on October 30, 2009


@nancymyrland Where do I even start with Nancy? She is one of the sweetest, kindest, thoughtful people I know. I began following Nancy when I first started on twitter because she was in legal marketing. I was trying to figure out how to answer my law partner’s question “Why would I ever use twitter?” Nancy is not only an incredible legal (and I would say professional services) marketer, but a wonderful person and a close friend.

@jeffmello Ah, Jeff. What a great guy! I met Jeff when I got laid off from the law firm I worked for 10 years at. Jeff tweeted me and asked what song I would like him to play for me one night I was really down. How did he know I was down? What an intuitive guy! (he’s a huge music buff and I swear he keeps going into my CD collection) Jeff is very knowledgeable with social media, sports and music. A great follow and a great guy.

@ginidietrich Another where do I even begin. I love Gini’s great sense of humor, intelligence, creativity and solid pulse on the PR/Marketing industry. This woman gets it. And she writes great posts on her blog. I started following her because she’s a huge cyclist…and I love cycling…and because I loved reading her blog and tweets. She’s gutsy, passionate and very funny.

@katjaib Sweet, sweet, sweet. Did I mention sweet? Kat is a wonderful woman….and an incredible life coach. I know she is a great coach because she is my coach and inspiration. I began following her because she hung out with the same tweeps I did. Her blog is a such a good read with posts that are so helpful on this journey called life.

@msjenniewalker Jennie is an amazing singer and songwriter. I can’t remember at this point how I met Jennie. But the moment I heard her songs I was hooked. What a voice and sound and lyrics. And, this woman is such a good person. Truly, a good soul. She’s headed to London for the CD release. Follow this woman and you will be able to say “I remember when”.

@justinthesouth Justin. I just love this guy. Truly. I always smile when a get a good morning from him. He is always the first tweep to say hi when I do a twitter demo. Justin is a great RT’er and someone who truly you get to know. I love our conversations and it is amazing how you develop friendships in 140 characters. Justin is one of my good friends. A great follow.