Follow Friday Time – Great Tweeps to Follow

Posted on November 7, 2009


@shandrab I simply love this woman’s sense of humor. She is simply damn funny. In addition, an incredible business woman (Interior designer). An absolutely engaging great woman to follow and a unicorn. How cool is that!

@makinitrite I love this KC tweep and even got to meet her non-virtual world over a great lunch. We met on twitter talking about the KC storms. She lives up north and I live south of the city so we would compare the storms progress. She’s a music buff like me and even has her own music twitter show on Friday nights. A fun follow for music enthusiasts…she’ll introduce you to new, good stuff.

@julito77 I simply love this guy. Julio has a great sense of humor, truly engages in conversations and builds relationships. He is also a big sports fan and has tweeted games, including the NFL. What’s not to like. He is playful online which I love very much as I love to banter with him. A fun follow.

@Ian_si Ahh Ian. What can I say here. Ian puts on his cape and steps into the bat cave to keep the world safe while I sleep. What more could you ask of a tweep. His cheerful hellos from across the pond make me smile first thing in the morning. Someday I’m flying to UK to meet my british pal. Thank you Ian for keeping the world safe.