Deb’s Follow Friday Picks

Posted on November 13, 2009


Yes, it is another follow friday and these are my recommendations for this week.

@sashakane Ms. Sasha. This is a woman who was one of the first tweeps I began following. Why? Because she truly cares about humanity and is not afraid to voice her opinion. She speaks up for what she believes in regardless of how people will react, and I love that about her. She has, and is dealing with challenges in her own life, and not online as much as her following would like, but truly one of the most caring people I think I’ve ever known. I admire her greatly and think she is a wonderful follow and is a good friend.

@IkenCEO Ah, I love this woman’s sense of humor, gentle kind heart and intelligence. She’s a brit and I truly think I was born in the wrong country. My sense of humor seems to match with the brits and not those in Kansas, go figure. This woman is caring (a great friend and mum, I can tell), very bright, engaging and someone who loves good poetry. She reached out to me when I was promoting the ABA top cheese and has been a good friend ever since. I love seeing her online and someday hope to meet and perhaps enjoy a hike in the English countryside.

@amds007 I love this woman. She’s kind and caring. She cares about kids and people, and from what I can tell online, fiercely fights for them in IRL. But, what I love most about her? She is really funny. She is playful online, and I love being one of her playmates. We banter…um, think of Barry Manilow singing…yes, lyrics and you get the picture. One of my good twitter buds who makes me smile when she is online.

@clarinette02 FollowFridays are one of her favorite things (#insidejoke), but truly, I love seeing her in my twitter stream. She is a really good person with a great sense of humor. I can tell she truly cares about humanity and love reading her tweats. Her tweats include playful bantering with me and others, and also really good reads about technology, law and life in general.

@LilWizz Another brit I can’t wait to someday meet. She is interesting, engaging (I’ve had fun bantering with her and other brit buds) and has played with us tweets on our virtual picnics, how cool is that! She is a great RT’er and just a genuinely good person. She likes art, music and is simply a fun follow. I was introduced to her by @IkenCEO, and am so glad I was.