Deb’s Follow Friday Picks

Posted on November 20, 2009


It is the end to another week which means it must be Friday…the Friday before black Friday. Therefore, it is time for my Follow Friday recommendations of great tweeps to follow.

@Sobk13 I met Natasha at our virtual picnic this summer. I adore her sense of humor and I knew I would when I read her bio “renegade lawyer”. How could I not love her. She is smart, funny and very engaging. A great follow.

@London_Law_Firm Chris was recently described on twitter as “coolest lawyer in London” and I would very much agree. The guy oozes coolness. Very creative, engaging, supportive of tweeps, dog lover and really funny. Met him at the virtual picnic too and so glad I did. I hope to meet him across the pond someday. A must follow.

@fernandovarela Fernando is the brother of @julito77 and that is how we met. He has the most powerful, beautiful voice and is a must watch as I know he will be a tremendous success and we can all say I remember when….he is not only talented, but sweet, caring and a great brother I can tell. Love the whole family. Here is a video of him performing. He’s damn good, isn’t he.

@cheryl528 This tweep is someone I worked with IRL. Upon my layoff with the law firm, she has taken on many of the roles I did helping to promote the firm. She has tremendous initiative, loyalty, great sense of humor and humble nature. She is a very good friend and a good follow.