Friendships in the Twitterverse

Posted on November 20, 2009


To be honest, I joined twitter simply because I attended a webinar given by @kevinokeefe of Lexblog and frankly, didn’t understand why anyone would possibly care how I answered the question “What are you doing?” in a 140 character tweet. And that could help my partners how? Kevin did a really good job in that webinar talking about LinkedIn, social networking in general, and a little about twitter.

Now I’m a person who learns best by getting their hands dirty trying stuff out. So upon returning to my office, I created a twitter account and sent out my first tweet that night. “Sitting here in my office running some database maintenance.” Uh, huh. Everyone would want to follow me now. For the next couple of months, my tweets were really quite boring. No wonder no one followed me except a couple of tweeps who I’m sure felt sorry for me, or were really bored.

After a couple of months of watching tweeps tweets, I began to send out tweets linking to blog posts that my partners would write; links or info about webinars, seminars the firm was doing; links to our website publications…yes, I pushed out information just as we did with email alerts, website content or traditional marketing content. I didn’t understand this media yet.

What happened next? Well, I’m a people person. I truly do care about people, what is happening in their lives, personal and business. I worked very long hours, often late at night when everyone else had gone home…frankly, I was lonely. I began to interact with some tweeps, began to develop some relationships.
And over time, have developed really close friendships in the twitterverse.

Never would I have ever imagined that in 140 character bites of text and space could these relationships develop with people who have never met IRL (in real life). And what is even more amazing is that these are people I would gravitate toward and cultivate friendships with. In each of these relationships, we have things in common. In fact, I can truly say that some of my closest friendships are with these tweeps.

In 140 character tweets, we’ve dealt with grief, shared successes, shared worries, provided guidance and advice, laughed, cried, teased each other, promoted each other, made referrals and enjoyed life. Hugs are even shared.

Recently I received really bad news about one of my dogs. The virtual hugs and empathy of @Ian_si @katjaib @nancymyrland @LauraJDaley @ginidietrich @aakomas @KateFromage @pwoldow @amds007 @London_Law_Firm were amazing. They are each amazing tweeps and caring people. And forgive me if I missed anyone.

Twitter is really about building relationships with people. Isn’t that truly what business development is all about? That is truly what life is about for us social humans.

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