Deb’s Follow Friday Picks

Posted on November 27, 2009


It is “Black Friday” (or as I now prefer thanks to @katjaib and @heyclaySlack Friday.”) and time for my Follow Friday picks.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and a day full of festivities, family and food, lots of food. I managed to make a turkey and vegetarian dinner with nothing burnt, devoured by the watchful eyes of a german shephard, schnauzer, 2 hungry kittens or an old grumpy cat.

Once the house emptied back to its original quiet state, I popped onto twitter and smiled as I saw some of my favorite tweeps online. We shared Thanksgiving wishes & our various holiday activities, catching up on each other’s days. I realized that my extended family has grown tremendously, and all due to twitter. What an incredible thing! So, sorry for the repeats of tweep recommendations in this twitter post…I get a little sentimental at the holidays.

@katjaib What a wonderful gift she is. Not only a good friend who makes me laugh, makes me think about my perspective(s) on life and has such a wonderful heart, but also my life coach. She helped me change my mindset going into these holidays, and I can’t even begin to say thank you enough. She is so supportive of tweeps, shares great insight and has a great sense of humor. A must follow.

@nancymyrland Nancy is such a dear soul. She is so very sweet, thoughtful, considerate and smart. A legal marketer who really gets this whole social media stuff…it is about the relationships, and I’m so grateful to have her as my friend. She provides great insight on business development with her Myrland Marketing moments, so follow her to catch them and other great tweets.

@justinthesouth Someday I want to meet this great guy. In my mind, I have this cheerful voice with a big smile across his face when he greets me in the morning. It always makes me happy. He is a sweetheart and a great follow too! He shares in tweeps successes, promotes whatever they are doing, great social media insights and really cares about people in general.

@clarinette02 This woman is very smart, informative and engaging. She’s also teaching me French…how cool is that. I’m language challenged, but having a blast learning and she’s so supportive. She’s a lawyer who is not afraid to try technology, and she is pretty damn techie. Someday soon I hope to go across the pond and meet her IRL.

@zoeyshea What happens when you put two wonderful tweeps together (@shandrab and @zoeyjordan)? Well, considering @shandrab always makes me laugh, except when I’m worried about her flying to Kansas via a tornado, and so does @zoeyjordan…you get really funny tweets! Great take on real life. Love them both, so of course, have to recommend you get 2 for 1 with this follow.

And last, but not least, @msjenniewalker You have to follow Jennie. It is HER BIRTHDAY today!!! She is sweet, creative and very, very talented. Her CD gets released in the UK 12/11/2009 and I can’t wait to say I remember her when. She is such a damn good singer and you can get a sneak peak at