Fortune Cookie

Posted on December 12, 2009


This has not been one of the best weeks, but the good news is that it is Friday. So, time for a post.

One of my comfort foods is Thai food. I love the soups, the red curry vegetables and of course, the fortune cookie at the end. My life coach @katjaib has been working with me (and by the way, she is wonderful) in being fully present in the moment, being able to really pay attention to things (which to be honest in 10 years of working non-stop, yes, work-a-holic) I missed a lot of the wonderful little jewels in life.

So, I was feeling pretty down and decided to treat myself to my favorite thai place. A wonderful bowl of rice soup, red curry and then my fortune cookie. The snow was beautiful on the fir bushes with the sun glistening off them. I got my bill and opened up my fortune cookie “You are the flexible person in your present situation.”

Damn, I thought. I want another fortune. But the truth is that I’ve always been flexible and adaptable….thank you Mom for that gift.

As I paid my bill, the thai waiter smiled and nodded their head bowing. “Yep, that’s me,” I muttered. “Flexible.” It is a good trait and one that in this economy and rapidly changing world of technology and changes is much needed by all of us.

Just my take.

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