Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Posted on January 2, 2010


Hello 2010! I’m so happy to finally see you. Time to take a deep breath and exhale out 2009. What an interesting year you were for me, and I suspect many others. I started Year 2009 with a bang…literally. Buried alive with projects at work, going home to eat, sleep, walk the dog…not necessarily in that order, and not much of all 3. During the drives to and from work, I listened to NPR and felt sad for the people who had been or were being laid off. As bad as I felt for them, I was grateful I wasn’t one of them, even though a little rest sounded good.

April 14th after little sleep and the day before tax day, I drove into the office giving a pep talk to a very good friend, co-worker, who had just found out she had been laid off.

“It sucks,” I told her. “It really does. You are a very good employee and very good at your job. It is the economy. Good people are getting laid off. Trust me, you will find something. I’ll help you network with people I know and help you with your resume or whatever you need.”

We talked as I parked the jeep, walked into the office building, rode the elevator up to my floor and walked to my Help Desk staff’s cubicle to drop off some food for them. Next thing I knew, I was riding the elevator down with my friend who I had counseled. I had gotten laid off.

As confident as I had been that I could help and support her, I suddenly felt my own confidence disappear in helping myself. After ten years of pretty much nonstop work, I felt lost. Most of my friends through those ten years became those who I worked with at the firm. They were shook, fearful for their own jobs and at a loss of what to say. Suddenly I realized how alone I had become in a moment, and how much of a true work-a-holic I had become through the ten years.

Thank god I had become involved with social media a couple of years before, and twitter back in the early summer of 2008. Being a people person, I had developed some good friendships with tweeps all around the world. I say thank god because the twitterverse cared that something bad had happened to me. Tweeps offered encouragement, support, a shoulder to cry on and helped give me hope. Thank you.

I had some life take aways (learnings from the challenges that test your strength and perserverance) in 2009. My german shephard got very sick and after many tests, was diagnosed with lymphoma. Cannot treat her due to other health issues. Mom had some serious health issues. My front concrete steps decided now, while I was building a clientale and worried about money, was the perfect time to crumble. I could add a few more here, but you get the point. Life happens.

The lessons…

Stay present for each moment in life, enjoy the ride
Take time to treasure the little things in life
There’s more to life than work (this is still a challenge as I love work)

For ten years of Shelby’s (my german) life, I was mostly at the office or if at home, working on my laptop. I would drag her through her obligatory walk getting impatient if she wanted to watch a bird, sniff at a bush or simply take a slow stroll. We paused only when I felt I needed to respond to an email on the crackberry. She would wait patiently for me.

For ten years, I would visit Mom spending time on the crackberry, cell or laptop on office stuff. I sort of listened to her, but realize now how much I was distracted…and she knew it, resented my tools or as she calls them toys.

For ten years, my friends dwindled down to those at the office or on the tennis court. The others got tired of me stepping out of the restaurant on the cell, or cancelling at the last minute because I was at work dealing with an issue.

So 2010, I’m taking my learnings (and many of them came with the help of tweeps and tweets) and going into 2010 with gratitude, awareness, love and joy. I’m going to enjoy each day of the ride and hope that I can see the blessing in all that you give me.

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