Deb’s First 2010 Follow Friday Picks

Posted on January 15, 2010


Can’t believe it is another follow friday and the 15th of January 2010. It is a new year filled with anticipation, hope and dreams. There are so many of you good tweeps in the twitterverse, and so many of you who inspire me daily with your tweets. So, here a few of my Follow Friday recommendations for this week.

@planethealer Becky inspires me with each tweet. A 13 year survivor healing stage 4. A generous, kind, positive, loving soul. If you want to be inspired daily, follow this woman. Truly.

@KrisColvin Kris is smart, honest, funny, creative and I love to see her on the twitterstream. She also is part of my motivating force to get in really good shape this year. My virtual workout buddy. She makes me smile and be inspired. A good follow.

@JoyceLayman Joyce, one of my KC tweeps. A cyclist, horse woman with very inspiring tweets. She’s a keynote speaker, and even though I have not seen her speak, I met her IRL at a networking event and she inspired me. A great follow and is in the pursuit of a six pack set of abs along with @KrisColvin and I.

@tstonecareers One of my newest tweep friends and I so enjoy tweeting with him. He is a great RT’er, interesting, and funny, even though I wish he would take some of the KC snow. A truly engaging guy.

@markvanbaale Mark is a KC tweep. I’m sure we’ve seen each other at the KC Social Media Club meetings IRL, but I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him in the twitterverse. He is a great RT’er with a compassionate heart and a great knowledge of social media. A genuinely good guy…and I love his avatar.

@LeeHiller Lee is a sweet dear soul. She has wonderful quotes that inspire me daily. A great heart. She also is very engaging…and did I mention smart? She is.