Meet a tweep – Who ‘dat in the house?

Posted on February 10, 2010


Today I had the honor of interviewing IRT (in real telephone) Henie Reisinger (aka, @HennArtOnline) for the first of a monthly series featuring tweeps you need to meet. If you are not following this witty, smart, talented tweep, well, you are missing out. Trust me.

How did I find her? Maybe when she became involved with, #GG24 (Go Global 24) benefiting Doctors Without Borders under the banner of @12for12k and she actually streamed live globally for 48hrs…in which she utilized her United Nations for Global Kindness Foundation? Though I’m thinking probably it is because I simply saw one of her tweets that shared with the twitterverse a kind, generous, smart, loving soul and I wanted to follow this tweep.

This twitter connection story began at some point with a trash bin. Yes, trash bin. One trash bin tweet ended up connecting us. The unfortunate victim of a bad encounter with a trash bin was Ms. Henie. The fortunate reader of the tweet was me. In less than 140 characters, I related so well to being petite and fighting a big trash bin weekly. It was such a human tweet. One of the moments in life when you jump up after you fall, glance around quickly to see if anyone noticed, and then proceed. I noticed.

Ms. Henie? How do I describe her best? Ahhh, a sweet talented woman whose Mom recently passed away and has written a beautiful tribute to a woman who in part made her who she is. A woman who has the beach outside her front door, a writer, photographer, artist…and well frankly? A social media diva. This girl seriously has drank the social media koolaide and gets it. Oh, and have I mentioned I have an invite to the beach with a cabana boy? Truly that had no part in the reason I picked her for the first “Meet a Tweep – Who ‘dat in the house” post. Seriously. Well, okay, maybe a tad.

This is a woman who drives with a camera in her lap looking to capture the soul of a picture, a moment in life. She looks for the best, and tries to capture that moment. How can we not love her. It is a woman who is passionate about connecting people, causes.

So here is our interview with a few questions and her answers…

1. How did you get involved in social media? Her answer, “In 1998, I got a domain name and a website. I told people about it, but really didn’t know what to do with it. When I started on twitter, I wondered what is this? I saw tweets from a Chris Brogan and thought “who the heck is Chris Brogan and what is this thing called social media?”

So early tweet from Ms. Henie. “Who the heck is this Chris Brogan?”

The tweet back from Chris….”Just someone who likes to type alot.”

For the first three months, Henie says she simply listened. Then she began to engage with tweeps, experiment and learn about social media. This is one of the traits I love most about her. The playfulness. The willingness to be out there, to be vulnerable, to share, to engage.

2. Favorite thing about twitter? Being given a platform to help each other out and to have fun. Henie is not interested in building a following. She is interested in introducing tweeps to each other. And she has introduced me to some wonderful tweeps.

3. An Inspirational tweep? Ms. Henie is inspired by many tweeps, but two of her favorites are @livetorque and @Iconic88. She is drawn to the quotes. What she said after pausing to think of her answer to the question is what inspired me. “It is not the quote, but living the quote that matters.”

4. What movie or television star describes you? “I can best relate to Audrey Hepburn because of our common ballet background, gentle tenacity and the desire to do humanitarian work. ”

5. What would you tell a newbie to the social media world? “I would tell them three things. One, Be neutral. We are human. Two, Opinions are not weapons. They are simply nothing more than opinions. Three, practice reciprocity without expectation.

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