Just Another Ordinary Miracle today

Posted on February 18, 2010


This wasn’t the post I had planned to write, but the #Vancouver #Olympics opening ceremonies, Sarah McLachlan’s performance and a lunch with friends made me think different. A networking event with former colleagues who questioned the power of twitter to connect and build relationships, then a wonderful evening on the phone with a tweep who has become a good friend made me think different.  Ordinary miracles you ask?  Yes, ordinary miracles. Hmm, maybe it is the universe talking? I don’t know.

What I do know?  I watch the ordinary miracles of life on twitter.  Tweeps offer help to those in need, help find a lost kitten in a small town, share a laugh, a hug when needed, a word of warning for bad things that are happening, a “hey, be careful out there” when the weather gets bad, a “hey, you doing okay” tweet if someone has been off the twitterspace, a fundraising drive like 12for12k which my recent “Meet a Tweep” interview post of @HennArtOnline  involved with through her United Nations for Global Kindness Foundation. And to be honest, the ordinary miracles of simply sharing this path called life.

The truth is when you are on the playground paying attention you notice subtle things perhaps the casual observer might miss.  The casual observer in this playground is the one not focused on the key part of this thing called “social media.”  If you focus on the relationships?  Yep, you see the ordinary miracles that happen every part of every day.  And truly, isn’t that the part of social?….oh, and media.  There truly is a reason that the word “social” is ahead of the word “media.”

So the ordinary miracles today?  Well, a twitter friend will hopefully have some comfort tweeting as she has medical tests, consults and exams with an uncertain future.  Another will have some company as she waits for a plane delay and is eager to sleep in her own bed and see her family.  An athlete will distract himself by tweeting and not focus on the nerves that come with competitive event coming up.  A company will help a client who was upset with a product not working.  An unemployed person will not feel so alone and hopeless.  Someone will share a picture of a beautiful sunrise with someone who has had nothing but clouds.  A group of tweeps all over a country will enjoy a gold medal run at the #Olympics together, though many miles apart.  A solo hiker will share beautiful birds, and a beautiful hike…thank you Lee Hiller.

Yep, “Just another ordinary miracle today.”

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