Yes your honor, I drank the social media koolaide

Posted on February 24, 2010


But to be honest, I really didn’t even want to take the first sip. I blame the Library Director at my former law firm for interrupting an exciting day of database maintenance. Let me translate for the non-geeks reading this post. Staring at a computer monitor for several hours watching a little white piece of paper flying from one folder to another occassionally clicking a button.

Phone rang and I glanced at the display as I answered.

“Hey Deanna. What’s up?”

“Hey Deb. How are you doing?”

Now a couple of important details in this conversation that you should know. We had worked a number of years closely on many a project and I considered her one of my work pals. So, tone of voice spoke volumes, almost more than the spoken words. Deanna’s tone indicated she had probably just gotten out of some high level meeting with a big project and short timeframe.

“So what project just landed in your lap my dear.”

Deanna laughed as she knew I figured out she had been pulled into a project where she needed, well, actually, simply wanted help. The project? Well, the project happened to involve social media.

Now I had been very active in establishing several law firm blogs, web projects, google analytics and working closely with the marketing team in the area of technology. So, it was a project that definitely I needed to be involved with, but to be honest, I was very buried with projects. The problem? I could not say no to a friend or for that matter, a firm need.

So Deanna and I plunged into LinkedIn doing presentations to practice groups, training attorneys and spending evenings plugging in bio information into individual attorney profiles. LinkedIn made senses to both of us. After all, we had attorney bios on our website. So really, what did not make sense about this site.

Then I sat in on a webinar given by Kevin O’Keefe on LinkedIn and Twitter. My first thought about twitter? This is stupid. I mean really? Telling people what I was doing? Oh, and yeah, in 140 characters?

But my way of learning about things is to roll up my sleeves and dive in. So, even though I really didn’t have the time and thought this twitter stuff was pretty stupid, I dove in. My tweets were really quite boring to say the least. “Upgrading a database.” “Fixed a database issue.” Yep, sure you would want to follow me. And let me tell you. The followers were flocking. Ok, not so much.

But then I took a drink of the social media koolaide. Not sure when the first full drink happened. Thinking it was late at night when everyone had gone home and it was me, and a security guard, at the office. Hallways were dark and I was staring at the little white paper flying wishing I was home. I’m thinking I did a tweet that somehow expressed that feeling. Suddenly I had someone respond. Someone recognized the human moment.

I saw the tweet and responded back and suddenly drank the koolaide. What I realized over time is that this goofy thing called twitter was actually a community…just simply online. Someone saw my lonely tweet and responded back saying, “I understand.” At that point, I confess I drank the koolaide….well, and keep drinking.

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