Meet a Tweep – Who ‘dat in the House

Posted on March 8, 2010


I can’t remember when I started following @LeeHiller, but I do remember why. From her tweets, I could sense her passion. Passion for nature, friends, her work and her beloved @RickLondon. She gracefully accepted my invitation to be the next “Meet a Tweep” interview. Lee is a very interesting and inspiring woman who is every bit as passionate on the phone as she is in her tweets. She is very motivated and you’ll learn why I think so in this post.

What was really fun about this interview? Well, we did it while she was hiking the Hot Springs Mountain Trail….oh, did I mention she was going up hill and not at all out of breath? Of course, I wanted to learn more about her hiking and this woman.

In November, she was to quote her own words“a couch potato”. Lee set a goal on November 01 to climb to the top of the Hot Springs Mountain Trail where the tower was by Spring 2010. She ended up doing it Nov 11 because she could not wait. It took her about 40-45 minutes with multiple stops and she felt very winded.

On this day while we talked, she strolled up this mountain trail with ease. I commented to her that she was really in very good physical shape. Lee said, “I’m 52. I don’t believe age should be a limtation on what you can do.” Now Lee hikes 4-6 miles every day. She said she and Rick joke that she is having an affair with the mountain, then she giggled. I loved the giggle. It was absolutely delightful. You could just sense the passion this woman had for life and a wonderful sense of humor.

One of the things you learn quickly about this tweep is that she is very passionate about this National Park and all of the others. Whether in a conversation with her, on twitter or virtually hiking with her on her blog, you feel the passion. Lee has a deep appreciation and understanding of the sanctuary for the wildlife and nature in our National Parks. She told me “I’m here to speak for the animals who are an important part of the environment that makes this park what it is. The wildlife here has nowhere else to go. We must remember that we are just visitors here.”

Lee is very active in two National Park campaigns. One is to take the dog’s out of the park. “A dog’s natural instinct is to mark and chase the small animals.” Now some may think that Lee does not like dogs with that statement. The reality? She loves dogs and has always had them. She simply wants to protect the wildlife’s sanctuary and feels she has a duty to speak for them.

The other campaign is to keep guns out of the National Park system. If you would like to sign this petition, click here.

Finally, I want to share her story of her beloved @RickLondon. She truly adores him, and he does her. It is a twitter love story…yes, that’s right, I just said twitter love story. They met on twitter. Lee was living in Oregon, Rick in Hot Springs, Arkansas. How did Lee first get on twitter which led to meeting the love of her life? Well, she only got on twitter so that she could make a comment to a local news station in Oregon where she was currently living. She didn’t even know what twitter was. So, she gets on twitter to make her comment about a news story, ends up enjoying the social aspect of connecting with people, then meets the love of her life. Wow. Then she gets proposed to….but wait, it is @kathyireland who proposes to her for Rick, her brother, because she thinks he is taking too long…oh, and proposes on twitter.

So, if you are not following this fascinating, talented woman, you need to. Trust me, you will enjoy the virtual hikes and getting close to nature.