Follow Friday – Deb’s Picks

Posted on March 12, 2010


It is another Friday and I’ve not done any #FollowFriday picks for a while. So, it is time to give some shout outs on some of my recommendations of great tweeps to follow.

1. @marcelamomberg This is my wonderful Chilean friend Marcela who I got introduced to thanks to @clarinette02. This woman is bright, funny, positive and so very sweet. I always look forward to her “Jai Deb” and can’t tell you how upset I was when she was off the grid due to the terrible earthquake in Chile. I had no idea how much it meant to me until she was out of touch. Marcela is generous, caring, passionate and an absolutely great follow. I’m so glad she made it safely through the earthquake and so fortunate to have her as a good friend.

2. @HeshieSegal This woman is simply amazing. We connected after she left a comment on my blog. She does some great tweets and truly engages with her tweeps. I was fortunate enough to talk with her on a great phone call and able to get to know her beyond 140 character tweets. This woman is genuine, motivational and truly gets this social media stuff. If you aren’t following her, you need to. Passionate, generous, inspirational…that is this tweep.

3. @LeeHiller Lee gracefully accepted my invitation to interview her for my blog series “Meet a Tweep” series. This woman is simply delightful, very talented and being a fitness buff myself, quite inspiring. I interviewed her while she was in the middle of a long hike and I can’t even begin to express truly her passion for the environment, nature and all of the little critters she meets along her hiking trails.

4. @ShellyKramer I love this woman. She gets this social media stuff, truly. What I love most? Her sense of humor, her take on life…okay, and her love of chocolate. Truly, you need to follow Shelly because you will truly watch how best to tweet and she shares excellent information. She is a must follow.