Being a Successful Leader

Posted on March 17, 2010


In my ten years at the law firm, I managed a variety of staff. It was my responsibility, I felt, once I hired them, to mentor, develop them to their fullest potential, support and model good leadership on a daily basis. There were ten guiding principles that I held myself to guide my leadership process and hold myself accountable.

I was asked by a former staffer over lunch the other day what those guiding principles were and thought perhaps it would make a good blog post. So, here they are…

(1) To listen, and I mean truly listen to your staff
(2) Always give proper recognition
(3) Share – whether it is information or credit for success
(4) Stay calm when others panic
(5) Make midcourse corrections
(6) Always accept responsibility
(7) Admit mistakes
(8) Let someone else be right some of the time
(9) Say thank you
(10) Resist playing favorites

What are the principles that guide your leadership?

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