So, ya got laid off – now “Leap of Faith”

Posted on April 21, 2010


So my coach @katjaib challenged me in a double-dare after my last post “Celebrating an I got laid off anniversary” to write about the opportunities that have come up since my lay off, well, I can’t resist a double-dare and damn it she knew that.  You see, that is what makes a great coach.  A great coach gets to know you and figures out how to help motivate you to reach those goals, well and frankly, believes that you can do it, even when you don’t believe you can though it is what you want.

 I’ve played competitive tennis for years.  The beauty is a good coach gets to know how to nudge you to help you to reach those goals you wish to achieve.  In tennis, it is not just the stroke of the ball, the play of the game, but the mental part of the player.  And in a life coach, well, yes, the same thing, really…the similarities are amazing.  And to be honest at this stage in my life I truly believe we all need a coach whether it is sport, business, or simply life.  For years I would have disputed the notion…yes, I’m stubborn, but the reality is you need that perspective outside of yourself…go figure.

So back to “Leap of Faith”, well you know by now…or will when you read this post that I got laid off a year ago.  What you may not know is I’ve started a social media consulting business…well, I like to think of it as new media as the technology is and will continue to change.  You see I’ve been in the technology realm for about 12 years and what I do know for certain is that technology changes and that is what I love about it.  So, I got laid off and let’s just say the options were not exactly happy, so I decided to take a Leap of Faith and begin to try to build a consulting business.  You likely might not know because I’m not one to promote myself, but I need to tell my readers that I’m working on a blog that will be focused on new media/business/marketing technology in addition to this blog, and I so appreciate my visitors who have been faithful to this blog.  It will continue…I’ll just have two…and thank you for sharing this journey of a “Leap of Faith” on my journey of consulting….I’ve several political campaign engagements and workshops…will share more later.  Thanks for joining me on the journey.

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