Posted on April 30, 2010


This is a post about Dreams.  We all have them. We have them as little kids. I know, I was reminded of that by my little nephew Zac when he came to visit a few weeks ago.  He told me quite emphatically that he was not going to get married or have children. I said, “you aren’t?  Why?”  To which this little 7 year old guy looked at me very seriously and said because I’m going to be a professional basketball player and will be traveling too much and it is not good for the family.  He got me thinking about dreams, and perhaps because I’m in the process of chasing mine right now.

What happens with our dreams?  Hmm, good question I’m thinking.  I’m just going to throw this thought out.  Perhaps the years of growing up slowly whittle away at the dreams?  I’m thinking our parents had dreams, and for many of them, our parents went down a path for various reasons that were not their “field of dreams.”  For my Mom, her dream was to be an Olympic high jumper (she was a very good athlete) or a painter. There are many reasons, and many that are logical, that derail us from the dream journey path.  A relationship, marriage, children, mortgage, bills, pets…yep, basically life…and that dream somehow takes a backseat…but, to be honest, never goes away…It pops up occassionally in our thoughts to remind us that it is there.

Then for some of us lucky souls, we are given a gift, a divine intervention.  At the time of my lay off, I wouldn’t have considered the layoff package a divine gift…I saw the package as the gift you didn’t want and got.  Somehow, amazingly, the universe realized I had a dream but I was not chasing it. You see the dream for me, besides playing professional tennis, was to be out there speaking in front of peeps. Motivating, encouraging, coaching people to chase their own dreams. 

Before I settled in my Legal IT job, I had done a lot of public speaking and thoroughly loved doing it. It was my passion and I seemed to be pretty good at it I’m guessing because I had a number of people who would come back to my speakng engagements and seemed to enjoy me. Now, I’m not saying that I did not enjoy my previous job at the law firm. I thorougly loved the attorneys and staff, and enjoyed my job. Reflecting back on those 10 years at the law firm, I realized it was when I was doing presentations that I felt that passion. It was when I was coaching and motivating the attorneys or staff to chase their dreams that I connected with mine.

The lay off was divine intervention I believe. Yesterday I presented to a small group on social media. I felt that passion in the room. They were all small business owners who are chasing their own dreams. During the presentation, there was a buzz of energy in the room. I felt in the zone (sorry, tennis phrase). At that moment, I was living the dream and there is no greater feeling than that in life.

So, I ask you, what is your dream? Are you willing to go the distance it takes? To lay it all on the line so one day the dream will be yours?