All the reasons why you want a dog

Posted on May 18, 2010


Today was a very interesting day.  Had a meeting this morning with one of my social media clients.  It was a great meeting as I always get jazzed talking to someone about this thing called “social media.”  We met in my favorite haunt Starbucks enjoying the beautiful sun (which was kidnapped for quite some time by another city or state) and drinking a latte.  At the end of our meeting as we were getting ready to leave, my client said to me…

“You have a dog, don’t you?”

Well, actually, I have 2 dogs/3 cats.  Had only planned on one dog…but, I digress.

“Yes, actually two,” I respond.

My client turned to face me.  “I’m thinking about getting a dog.  My husband doesn’t want one.  I’m trying to tell him why it would be good for us to have a dog.”

“Ahh”, I responded.  “There are many reasons to get a dog.  Shelbs is my best friend.  She’s been there through thick and thin.  Always greets me at the door like I’m the best thing walking the planet.”  (Ok, I know it’s the treats that she gets moment upon my arrival, but I’m sticking with the best thing theory.)  Now, I don’t mean to leave out the little schnauzer, he’s just far more independent which is probably why Shelbs is the one known by my twitter tweeps.

I continued.  “You have a wonderful faithful companion to walk with you, play with you, snuggle and feel loved.”

I arrived home to be greeted by 2 dogs/3 cats all vying for my attention.  I immediately went into the routine..let dogs out, feed old grumpy cat, move into guest room to feed 2 kittens…clean 3 kitty litters, let dogs in, feed treats, fill up 3 water bowls, pet dogs, cats and finally, it is my turn.  I flip on oven to heat up for a baked potato.  Sit on sofa and boot up laptop to catch up on twitter and email.  Begin reading a mashable article on “21 rules for Social Media engagement.” Become engrossed with article and then begin noticing a strange, plastic, sweet smelling odor coming from the kitchen.  Open oven to discover that roommate has put 2 bottles of BBQ sauce, 2 bottles (large) of salad dressing in the oven so big german shephard doesn’t eat them.

As I sit here waiting for the soap to help make it easier to scrape the now burnt BBQ, salad dressing mixture from the oven, I’m thinking about the other experiences that those of us who have dogs enjoy…and I didn’t share with my client.

So, in the spirit of David Letterman’s top ten.  My top ten experiences of having a dog that I probably should have shared.

10. The German has separation anxiety.  And your job requires you to travel….alot.  You end up replacing your beautiful wood door because during an 8 day work trip, she decides that she’ll eat her way through the door and come find you in St Louis.  You discover this at 1am while walking up to unlock front door.  Half of her face is sticking through the hole.

9. The German has a sensitive stomach.  And you work out of your home. New client shows up for a business meeting at your home office.  German has gotten sick…..all over the house.

8. The German is as excited as you for Thanksgiving dinner with the family….at your house. Family is starving eyes wide in anticipation as I bring bowl of mashed potato into the dining room.  Meanwhile, Shelbs has taken the turkey off counter onto floor where dogs and cats are enjoying a delicious turkey…well, okay eating as fast as they can.  I open kitchen door, scream and slip on turkey grease.

7. Old cat mad that you’ve been traveling. Ok, not a reason to have a dog, but have to throw old girl in here.  She decides to pee in the middle of my bed.  Yep, I get in at 3am due to plane delay, bad weather.  7:30am meeting at the office.  Let dogs out, peel off suit, pull covers up and slide in noticing both the bad smell and wet sheets/blanket at same time.

6. Filet?  Nah, I’d rather have a ham sandwich. Neighbor gets a great new job.  You invite him over to celebrate.  He loves filet mignon, so you take one out of the freezer to thaw out before you grill…Yummy, and bacon wrapped filet at that.  Door bell rings, you go to open it and give him a big congratulatory hug.  Meanwhile, Shelbs has decided that a thawed out filet is tasty, though she wishes it had been cooked.  Dinner?  Yep, ham sandwich.

5. The German tries to provide food for you…you just don’t appreciate her efforts. It’s 8am.  You’ve got a very important business meeting, but Shelbs hasn’t done her most important business outside.  You’re on the blackberry and decide to let her out one more time as you’ve got a very busy day.  You open back door as you read an email.  Suddenly you realize she was a blur past you and you glance up to notice a terrified bunny being chased around the yard by 2 dogs.  You go running out to save the bunny in the wet muddy yard.  You get a chop block at the knees by the german which takes you down…yep, now in wet, muddy business suit.

4. The German is terrified of storms…and so are you. I’ve been afraid of lightning and tornadoes since I was a little child.  I’ve had to learn with Shelbs to be calm and relaxed during a bad storm.  We’ve spent many a sleepless night in the past 11 years, but she calms down when she lays across my feet.  Go figure that I would be the one who calms her, and to be honest, it is by calming her down that I calm myself.

3.  The Schnauzer likes to keep track of what is his. Yep, the little guy is a marker…loves to put his scent on anything that doesn’t move.  Mum comes to visit and puts suitcase in living room.  Ok, you can kind of figure out what went wrong after that.  My bad, didn’t move it into the safe zone quick enough.

2. New Bamboo blanket…guess it was tasty. Let’s just say the blanket lasted one 3 hour tennis match.  Oh well, must have tasted good.

And the number one reason why you want a dog?  Because with one sweet, sloppy kiss and wag of the tail, you forget the last 9 reasons that may convince you otherwise….trust me.  Worth every moment.

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