Deb’s May Follow Friday List

Posted on May 28, 2010


Been awhile since I’ve done a #FollowFriday list.  Most of you, my readers that I’m so grateful for, are on twitter.   But for those of you not familiar or new to twitter….on Fridays, tweeps recommend people to follow.  It truly is a great compliment for someone to think you are interesting enough to read the tweets you write.  I feel honored each Friday when I get recommended.  It has been a little while since I made recommendations, so here we go.

My dearest friends,

@clarinette02 What a dear, supportive friend you are and I thank you.  Tweeps, this woman is someone who truly understands this thing called social media.  Her ability to network and connect with an amazing network of technical experts, privacy experts, journalists, marketing….and simply an incredible network of tweeps.  I learn something daily from this woman.  She is quite remarkable, interesting, passionate about this thing called the internet from a legal standpoint and personal love of the media.  Love her.

@designgrid Another wonderful dear friend who I can’t thank enough for being there.  This woman is an incredible artist and writer who has been able to take her experiences and become quite a voice for justice.  She is able to fix cars, tile floors, raise children and grandchildren and give so much to others…I know that because she has given much to me in her friendship and spoken words.  If you want to follow a genuine good soul, well, here you find one.

@katjaib I don’t even know where to begin with this woman.  She is truly one of the kindest souls I think I have met.  She is quite wise beyond her age, and truly you feel blessed to spend time with her.  She is wonderful on this medium called social media, yet the greatest gift is simply her.  Giving, smart, thoughtful, caring, sharing.  Well, isn’t that what social media is all about?  Oh, and did I mention she’s really funny too?  Love her sense of humor.

@ginidietrich I love this woman.  I’ll confess.  She is a gutsy business owner, willing to write thought provoking blog posts, rides the bike tons of miles….and is constantly hungry like me.  Love her spunk, honesty, willingness to take risks, responsiveness, devotion to her clients.  And, ok, the real fact here….that she can pack like the best of the road warriors.  She really knows this social media stuff, is engaging, and simply a wonderful follow.

@nancymyrland Ms. Nancy doesn’t probably know this, but she was one of my very first follows.  I feel like I grew up with Nancy on twitter.  She has watched through twitter stalking LOL my life moments through jobs, pets, etc.  And she has been the best of friends.  I can’t say enough about her personally, but also professionally tweeps.  This is one of the best legal marketers in this Web 2.0 world…and if you are legal, interested in marketing, well, Nancy needs to be on your radar scope as someone you need to chat with.

@ShellyKramer This woman is one funny, smart, knowledgeable, engaging women.  I always smile when I see her in the stream.  She knows her social marketing stuff and I love her honesty, warmth, funny tweets.  She is intelligent, intuitive, sweet…oh, and a busy mum.  God love her.