A Song for a Heavy Heart

Posted on June 4, 2010


This is a heavy hearted post and in advance, I apologize.  I have a dear friend…one of my twitter first tweeps I followed, and well to be frank, taught me all things twitter with out having a clue she was doing it, is dealing with a very serious, life threatening disease and is now in the hospital.  So, to be honest, my heart is heavy tonight.

Let me describe this girl.  What a kind heart, passionate soul, inquisitive spirit, funny sense of humour…can feel her smile through a tweet, DM or text.  Yep.  One who is willing to speak out about something she believes in, one who’ll dm when she thinks you are hurting.

This girl is a fighter and one who misses the twitterverse badly, but simply needs all her energy to fight one of life’s toughest battles.  I miss her, and that is selfish of me, but I admit it.  I miss seeing the friendly face of text characters.  It is time to pray for this kiddo…and please do, I won’t share her name as she is private, well, and frankly I am too.

What I can say is she is a great friend…truly, great friend, and please pray.

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