Playing With the Boys

Posted on June 11, 2010


This is a blog post about playing with the boys…ok, I guessed you gathered that.  You see, I play competitive tennis…and to be honest, please don’t tell my opponents, well, I like pace.  All of my hitting partners are the boys…ok, perhaps they don’t quite fit the boy category, a tad older than a boy, but don’t tell them either….

So, this is a rather meaningless post about tennis though not really as I have spent much of my life as a business consultant or in IT and if you spend time in those worlds, well, you are playing with the boys.  You are the minority if you are a woman…but…I’m getting off track as this is a tennis blog.

Why do I like playing with the boys in tennis?  Hmm…like I said pace.  I love a hard hit  ball.  Hate soft shots, get extremely impatient…making my grocery list in my head while I wait for the ball to show up on my side of the court.  Then the little sucker shows up and I’m on the frozen food items…what kind of frozen pizza…and, damn the ball finally shows up, I swing while I’m selecting pizza and blow the ball off the court  UGH.  Now give me a hard shot, fast paced ball and there is no grocery list….only the bright yellow ball in my mind.

There are pros and cons about playing with the boys on a tennis court when you are a woman…the cons…you are up at the net, well, the ball is going to go through you…the result can be, and has been, a broken nose, banged up eye, bruised rib and some other bruises.  The pros?  Well, a beautifully hit driving down the line winning shot, a sweet drop shot, cross court winner.  And, being the tennis nut that I am, well, the pros outweigh the cons.

And to be honest, there is something about male bonding.  Love the hard high five for the winner or chest bump when you get that match, perhaps due to same size chests.  Or I guess, it’s not male bonding, but simply the joy of competition.  You put it all on the line and see what the result may be.  Love it and that is what this weekend will consist of a tennis tourney.  Yep, I’ll be playing with the boys.  Can’t wait.

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