My friend, a hero

Posted on June 12, 2010


Hmmm, interesting, on my way to the tennis court tonight this song popped onto the radio…Mariah Carey’s song “Hero.” On my mind was a very good twitter friend who is now home resting after over a week in the hospital fighting a cancer battle.  The universe is interesting.  She had been on my mind all day long as this was her first day home…and then suddenly, well, this song shows up on the radio as I’m thinking about her.  Go figure.

There are so many ordinary heroes.  So many, really.  We simply most often don’t recognize the hero who is next to us.  I’m thinking when we think about a hero, we don’t think about the person next to us who is facing challenges quietly and of which, well, frankly, not getting the news coverage, but simply going through life’s challenges.  My friend, who will remain nameless for her privacy, is actually an extraordinary hero in my eyes.  Why is she extraordinary?  Well, because she is battling the disease I hate the most…cancer. And battling it with grace, with such a positive spirit about the world and the people who exist in it.  She’s a beautiful soul who will text you and ask how are you doing?  Meanwhile, she is sitting in a chair/bed receiving a 4 hour chemo treatment knowing she’ll be quite sick for the next week, yet she’s concerned about what is going on with you.

How do we define a hero?  Ah, I’m thinking that is a really good question of which I don’t know the answer.  How I can answer that question is poor, but I’ll give it a shot thinking of my dear friend.  Courage, integrity, guts, empathy, express your beliefs even if others might not like what they hear, be honest about your strengths and mistakes, the willingness to lay yourself on the line for others….these are just a few of the traits that I think of with a hero.  And that is my friend.  That is what drew me to her with twitter and those are simply a few of the traits that make her a hero in my eyes, so for now, I’m so very grateful that my friend is in her own bed and well, my friend is my hero.

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