So, time to get a little crazy…..

Posted on June 15, 2010


Been a rather interesting week…and hmm, it is only Monday isn’t it.  I’ll be honest, watching this BP crisis and several other sad situations including nasty floods made me think and then a post by @katjaib put these words into my mind..her post, well, about perfectionism, got me thinking.  How hard we try to be perfect, yet forget to simply enjoy the ride.  The ups and downs and in betweens.

I’m thinking there are times in life, well, frankly, we need to get a little crazy…there’s nothing wrong with doing something crazy…you know, running through the rain, rolling through the grass, playing with the dog, flying the kite…I’m thinking we as adults forget how to simply let loose and play for at least a moment…

So, I’m vowing to at least spend 10 mins a day, being well, a little crazy.  Anyone in with me??

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