What’s the reason of the world? You and I

Posted on June 15, 2010


I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason I so love social media is because it is all about people.  What has social media meant to me, well, it has been so incredibly powerful for my attorneys, and law firm while I was employed there…and once I got laid off, tremendously powerful for business development, but well, frankly, so incredible for simply the social aspect because simply I was lonely.  What have I discovered?  Well, frankly, that this strange 140 character thing called twitter has shown me in a strange way, what is the most important thing in life, well, and the reason in the world, well, you and I. Yep, simply being here in the world, be yourself…forgive me, somehow I missed that in my work-a-holic world.  I was too fixated with the problems of the work world to realize that it was about you and I, it was about the relationships with people….and not really about the work.

Post lay off what I have discovered about the reason for the world….yep, you and I….connecting with tweeps all over the world, different beliefs, values, life…but, the connection…hmmm, being human.  And that is what I love about twitter.  It is our humanness. If you are diving into the waters whether you are a company or individual, well, remember it is about being human…the jargon word is transparent, but I’m thinking, it simply means being who you are….that would be human.  And whether you are a company or an individual professional, guess what, the world likes you being human.  I forget that often.  I forget to try not to be perfect, but simply be the human creature I am.  My friend @katjaib has been writing an excellent series on Perfectionism. When you aren’t perfect, it’s okay.   It simply means you have all of the wonderful parts, the mistakes, the humanness of the human creature.  It is in that space that you connect.

So, speaking of the humanness in the social media space, well, that is a critical part of this new space.  If you are a business diving into the waters, just be you..or at least you as the voice who is speaking.  That is, well to me, the most important part of social media.  Be you.

The reason twitter works?  Our humanness…You and I and that is what makes twitter so appealing to me…the human part.  The friendships that I have developed in our 140 character world have been tremendous and mean the world to me.  Your clients will feel the same, I promise.  I truly believe they will embrace you as the human.  I’m grateful for the You and I.

And thank you twitter for reminding me that on this bouncing ball the reason for this world, well you and I.