Ain’t Nobody – A post for @LeeHiller and @RickLondon

Posted on June 18, 2010


This is a post I dedicate to two sweet, kind people I’m blessed to have met on twitter.  You see they have a very special day tomorrow involving vows, love, mountains and the joy of life.  @LeeHiller and @RickLondon met on twitter, well, and to be honest, I’ve met a number of tweeps who have.  These two are very special people.  I was fortunate to interview Lee for my “Meet a Tweep” series and she literally took me on a virtual hike through the mountains over the phone.  This included tough uphill climbs, photographing nature and verbally sharing with me the beauty she was looking at.  I truly felt like I was there.

What was apparent to me from the sound of her voice when I interviewed her was the passion not only for nature, the mountains, but the love she and Rick share for each other and then when I read Rick’s comments?  Well, they made me teary.  And well, simply follow their tweets and you feel the love, respect, admiration for each other.

So, I simply wanted to do a very short blog that said I’ll be thinking of you both tomorrow and it makes me smile when I think of the wonderful day you will have and the bliss that you already share will continue in abundance.  Enjoy!!!

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