There comes that point when you must exhale

Posted on June 18, 2010


Sometimes you win, sometimes you fail, at a certain point, you must exhale…Ahh, this is so true.  And, sometimes, as the song says you laugh, sometimes you cry….and yet again, at a certain point, well, you must exhale…I tend to forget that part…At the moments of winning…or the moments of failing, the moments of laughing…or the moments of crying, it is so easy to forget what such a simple thing you can do to help…well, just exhale.

Today I’ve chatted with several friends who are dealing with tough work situations, an impending divorce, a life threatening disease…and I don’t know why, but somehow this song got stuck in my mind.  Maybe it is just me, but what I tend to do when facing a struggle…work situation, relationships, simply a tough moment in life?  Well, I suddenly stop breathing.  I barely inhale, and frankly never exhale…Just simply hold it in, perhaps tensing for what I perceive might be a tidal wave, or at the very least a strong wave and trying to brace for it.

A tennis coach of mine came to watch my match in a tournament.  I was so excited as I had spent months on the court with her working on forehand, backhand, net game, overheads, serves….you get the point.  So, I show up on the court and warm up.  I win the first two games and am up 30-love in the third when suddenly I see my coach standing outside the fence….what happens next?  I suddenly tense up because I really want to look good, to make her proud, to show her all of the hard work and good coaching that has gone over the course of a number of months…well, tense is not good in tennis, and perhaps a metaphor for life.

At the end of the match (I lost), I drag my feet off the court where she is there to greet me.  She puts her arm around me and gives me the positives (umm, not many) of the match.

“You had some nice net shots and loved the drop shot.  Second serve looked good.  You stayed tough and scrambled after shots.”

I still have slumping shoulders.

Then she looks me in the eye and says, “Deb, you have to breath.  When you get tense out there, simply exhale.”

To be honest, I do think it is a metaphor for life.  Does it prevent divorce, heal an illness, resolve a work issue or family crisis?  No, but something about a breath in, and then an exhale…well, it does help the body and mind.  And guess what?  At a certain point, we all reach the point where we must exhale.

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