A thousand conversations…

Posted on June 22, 2010


Okay, I confess.  I’ve always been a huge friend of Olivia Newton-John...yep, ok, I said it out loud to the world.  For some reason, people laugh when you say that, yet this woman has a tremendous voice, and well, frankly, some wonderful songs.  Bottom line, some of her songs truly touched my heart when I was dealing with some really tough stuff growing up.  So, I am proud to admit it.  Yes, I was a fan of this woman, well, and frankly still am.

What has happened over the years?  Well, let’s see, she has dealt with some rather traumatic relationship stuff, and breast cancer.  I can still remember being the little tyke in an asthma attack listening to this voice and trying to focus on something other than not being able to breath.  And well, she did a good job.  Loved the lyrics, the voice….was able to focus my attention on something other than breathing.  Hmm, thinking that is a gift of voice.  Meanwhile life occurred for both of us worlds and experiences apart, yet in some ways, paths similar…isn’t that the way it is in life, and perhaps one of the things I love most about twitter?  Well, you realize how similar our paths take…the journeys we have in life.  Perhaps what connects us and makes twitter so appealing? Twitter allows us to realize that there are so many things in life’s moments we share in common, but don’t realize we share.

And the other thing about twitter, well that it truly is A thousand conversations. Yep, it truly is…the conversations of life and all of the peeps who are adding their words to the conversation…well, and frankly, that is what I love most about twitter.  All of the tweeps adding their words to this wonderful tapestry of conversation.

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