The heat is on – Isner/Mahut

Posted on June 24, 2010


So, I’m sooooo upset…yep, I know so is misspelled, but the truth….ugh, been throwing a tantrum all afternoon.  Why, well I missed an epic tennis match between two incredible competitors…Isner and Mahut.  Those of you who follow me know I’m a huge…did I say HUGE, tennis nut…yes, playing whether it is drills, league, tourneys and then, of course, I watch every match I can.  Today happened to be a day that I didn’t.  UGH….and thus, missed the epic battle.  How could I do that?

My longest tennis match?  A tad over four hours.  A grueling back and forth tiebreak every set match.  Both of us scrambling after every shot, not willing to give up on anything.  Now, I didn’t watch these guys, but I’m guessing it was a lot of talent, but even more importantly, a lot of heart, guts and competitive spirit.  It was and will be tomorrow a death match.

It is the never give up attitude, the keeping fighting every point, chasing every shot down, diving to grab that ball barely out of your reach…well, it is simply heart.  You can’t train that, you can’t teach that, you can’t instill that into someone’s soul.  Yes, you can teach the proper forehand topspin stroke, you can teach point selection, you can teach physical conditioning…but you can’t teach heart.

You see when I was a tiny high school tyke…very petite, I went out for the softball team…littlest one on the field.  I lifted weights, ran, swung the bat as hard as I could, threw my glove at balls flying toward me (bad at catching, small problem) and even caught a few balls, though took my big glove with the ball out of my hand.  My coach, who of course cut me, as she should have, told me that she wished she could take my heart and put it into the ones who had the talent and skills.  At the time, well, I was crushed.  I look back now, well, a compliment.

So Mahut.  The heat was on you today…big time against Isner and the heart that is inside of you, well, inspiring and it brought out the best in your opponent Isner, who I’m afraid to say thought would have an easy match with you.  You’ve got that big heart, and whether you finish ahead or behind when the match resumes tomorrow?  Well, you are a winner.

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