Warriors, Isner and Mahut and well, a dear friend

Posted on June 25, 2010


The song choice?  “I don’t care anymore?” Why would I pick it for this post?  Well, I was fortunate to be able to watch today’s coverage of the match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut.  I missed much of the fifth set which ended up being suspended due to darkness. But the bottom line, they did care which is why you may wonder about the pick of this song?  What they didn’t care about anymore?  Well, the fatigue, the difficult challenge of pushing themselves physically, mentally, emotionally beyond anything any of us could comprehend.  What they cared about…the win of this epic match.  The only thing they cared about was to get the ball back and to get the point.  This match ended up simply about about the will, heart and soul of a warrior to keep going beyond what you can imagine. I have had a three and four hour battle.  Trust me, at that stage…it is simply heart and competitive desire that keep you going.  The admiration I have for these two, well, all I can say is wow.

Let’s simply take a look at the stats of what I missed at this historic match…all of which are staggering beyond belief…

  • Length of fifth set: 7:06…kids, that is 7 hours.  My longest match, 4 hours and thought I would drop
  • Length of match at that point: 10 hours…um, yeap, that’s right, 10 hours
  • Score when match suspended: 59-59 in the fifth (and for non-tennis fans?  Well, you need to win by 2 games)
  • Unforced errors: 81.  Kids, this means this set is being played at the highest level of play
  • Aces served: 193….a record and utterly mind shattering…Unf’ing believeable
  • Winners: 435…this is absolutely incredible
  • Points played in fifth set: 612…wow
  • Points played in the match: 881…ok let me simply say, this is absolutely unbelievable and you can’t believe the toll it takes on your body, and they got to come back and play tonight.

Now, these are not the final stats, that will be another post with those stats.

Bottom line?  Warriors.  Meanwhile while watching these great sports champions?  Well texts from a dear twitter friend undergoing an epic battle herself.  And, let’s go back to “I don’t care anymore,” well, yes she does care…but she’s fighting the fight regardless of what the medical community predicts for her.  She’s fighting the life battle and with every effort that Isner and Mahut put in.  And ignoring the doctors predictions, and why not…who knows who wins the battles of life.  Her stats….

  • Number of times of cancer: 3…how does that happen, and how does she stay really generally so positive
  • Weekly chemo: Every Monday, occassionally I’ll get a text or two as she sits getting her chemo cocktail
  • Fighting spirit: Well this girl scores with many aces through this match and some incredible returns.
  • Points played in her match: Well frankly many.

This kiddo has the same fight, guts and determination, well and simply, whether it is on the tennis court, basketball court or the wonderful court of life, well, it is all about what is deep down within you to give your all to what you want or desire.  My three warriors…Isner, Mahut and a very dear friend.  I’m smiling and so proud of each of the three gracious warriors.  Thank you for being such an incredible inspiration

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