If tonight is my last….

Posted on June 26, 2010


I stumbled upon this song which I find absolutely beautiful.  Love the lyrics and the voices and have fallen in love with this singer Laura Izibor. Wow, what a voice and lyrics and so provocative…so let’s take this as a question?  What would you do if you woke up and found out that this night would be your last?  What would you do?

Since hearing this song, well, frankly it’s been stuck in my mind through slumber and my waking hours.  Perhaps due to knowing several good friends fighting the cancer battle of their lives, or remembering a dear friend who lost the battle.  I’m not sure.  But what would you do if you woke and had someone say, hey, this is your last night.  So, I’ve given much thought to this question posed in this song, well, and realized that perhaps, a good question to ask yourself each morning when you wake.  Perhaps it helps you to give it your all…and I’m sorry, I digress, but like Isner and Mahut in the epic Wimbledon match.  They gave it their all each point as if it was their last.  Perhaps we become complacent in life and feel like we have more time, so we don’t need to give it our all, every last ounce of energy and passion because we’ll get a second chance.  But the bottom line, tonight could be our last.  I don’t mean to be a downer here, that is not at all my intent.  I just know from my experience, that life is short.  I also know from friends with cancer that, well, I guess, they suddenly start to realize that those things they didn’t think were important or a priority, well, frankly are the most important things of all.  A hug, a phone call, a “hey how are you.”

So, what would I do if I woke up and one of the angel’s agents decided to check in on me and give me a heads up that this thing I know as real would end in the night?  Hmm, well, I would gather my dear friends and tell funny stories and laugh until my belly hurt and tears streamed down my cheeks.  I would dance in the fresh grass feeling the grass through my feet.  I would watch a sunrise a little closer, appreciate a full moon, a wave crashing into a shore.  Hmm, I’m thinking, I would pay more attention to the tiny moments of life which make life wonderful, well, frankly beautiful.  So…

What would you do if you were told that “Tonight is your last?”

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