Twitter….A whole new world

Posted on June 28, 2010


My day today….a Skype call with my good friend @LovToo, tweets with my dear friends @clarinette02 to catch up on her activities of the day and @designgrid on her weekend.  Checking in with my good buddy @marcelamomberg on the World Cup.  In addition, texting or facebooking with several other good tweep friends.  Sharing the good moments, the struggles, the laughters and well, simply life.  A day of communicating in the many ways we have to communicate, develop relationships, bond…I thank you twitter.  You’ve opened up a whole new world.  A world that frankly I would not have thought possible.  A world that truly has become smaller, closer, and personally I think a little kinder.

If you would have asked me before I really understood twitter, “can you really develop a relationship with someone, become good friends with simply the text typed from a computer or cell phone?” Um, I would have thought you were crazy.  And now, some of my closest friends are those from twitter.

Twitter, you truly have opened up a brand new world and I am forever grateful for the fact that this silly 140 character site has done that.  You’ve provided wonderful gifts in ways that I’m sure, well, you had no idea.  And I think I speak for many in the twitterverse when I say, well, thank you.

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