Competition, bring it on – World Cup and Wimbledon 2010

Posted on June 29, 2010


Those who have gotten to know me through this blog or twitter or IRL know that I’m extremely competitive, well and thrive on competition and perhaps to the point of being stupid in the extreme heat/humidity on a tennis court, but I wouldn’t do it any differently.  You see, perhaps for those who don’t compete, it may be hard to understand.  Before you step onto a court or onto a field, you have put in hours of preparation…for me, hours of hitting drills, practicing endless serves, lifting weights, running sprints, running hills, pushups, situps…ok, you get the point.

So the day comes when you wake up and pull on your gear…for me, shorts, top, sweatbands, headbands (um, I sweat), socks and shoes.  As you pull the gear on, your mind is focused on the upcoming match.  Perhaps with the internet or without, you’ve scouted your opponent.  You see how well they’ve done in competition.  Are you as good, can you compete, can you win..

Ok, a little secret to those who don’t compete in sports.  What is really interesting is that the sheer human grit of competition means, well, yes…you can keep going because of your heart when your body tells you no, you can’t.  It is grit, determination, the willingness to survive in a competition that leads you to press on when the body says no.  Is it a good thing?  Hmm, good question.  What it is?  Well, simply a big heart inside of you that makes you push yourself beyond what anyone expected.  For me, well, a little 5′ tall tyke…ok, older tyke, who dives for balls, chases everything down, works hard for the point…and why?  Well, to get that point.

As I watch the World Cup and Wimbledon, I see the heart in these players…ok, not all, but the majority, and I love watching the heart as they scramble, fight for each point.  If you go to the amateur tournaments (um, that would be my level) and watch, well, you see the same heart, soul and grit for those points in some of these players.

That is what sports are all about…well, at least in my mind.  It is about pushing yourself as hard as you can, never giving up, diving and giving your all for that point.  And well frankly, that is what I do in non-sports life.  Do you?