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In Memory of My Friend – Nick Dutcher RIP

July 23, 2010


Each time I hear Celine Dion, well, I think of my friend Nick. You see Nick adored her.  No price was too much for a ticket to see her as close as he could get to the stage, and no drive too far to get to a concert of hers.  He told me that once […]

Say Yes, While People Say No

July 19, 2010


Those of you who follow this blog, and well, follow me on twitter know that I’m a huge Tour de France fan.  Yes, I record the 4 hour show and the 2 hour and watch both multiple times.  Why?  The strategy of the competition, the skill and then most important, the guts and drive it […]

Help me, I think I’m falling in love with life

July 15, 2010


So those who are following this blog realize by now that I have a dear friend battling for her life right now against the disease I hate most, cancer. I hate, hate, hate it.  So while my little friend is fighting the fight of her life, she is teaching me to appreciate, to love this […]

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

July 14, 2010


I’ve come to a simple conclusion today…perhaps it is because I’m a Leo and I’m nearing the birthday month where I get reminded by those close to me how much of a Leo I am.  I would like to think  this is meant to be a compliment, but somehow the tone at which they tell […]

Sticking with the Friendship Theme….

July 12, 2010


Have you ever had the friend who believed you could accomplish anything, that no obstacle was too great for you, that believed in you even when you didn’t even believe in yourself?  I’m blessed to say yes I have, and that friend is very rare indeed and a treasure when you are fortunate to have […]

What is a best friend?

July 11, 2010


Today when I got on Facebook, I saw one of my favorite FB friends, Christine Russell, online and we began to chat as we typically do.  How did I meet Christine?  Well, I was doing a social media demo for my former neighbor Mike and his friend, Laura Mytinger.  At the end of the demo, […]

Rugby, it seemed like a good idea

July 10, 2010


This post was inspired by @shellykramer who happened to mention on facebook that she liked rugby.  It reminded me of an email that I had sent to some friends @ginidietrich @katjaib and @aakomas about one of those moments in life when you get an idea, that at the time seems like a good idea, and […]