God bless the broken road

Posted on July 7, 2010


Life is quite interesting, isn’t it.  I remember as a child being very determined and focused on what I thought my road of life would be like.  I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and who that person would be that I loved, and the journey our life path would take.  I knew my road in life would go right down this path I had planned out so thoughtfully.  The part of life I hadn’t planned?  Well, the broken road.

Yesterday while I worked on a post for a new baseball website that will be launching in a week, i70baseball.com, I watched Tour de France. The stage course  was over cobblestones for much of the way.  For those who don’t watch cycling, well, no amount of preparation can ensure a safe ride over them.  Cobblestones are the broken road, and isn’t that part of life.  We plan in order to get the smooth course.  We think we have planned, possibly for all the obstacles that might get thrown at us, but the reality is, well, the broken road is a part of life.  In the Tour de France. it can be a dog running out onto the course, or a sidewalk curb that was not expected, or a cyclist who has taken a tumble, or simply the broken cobblestones, and suddenly we are struggling with a crash, a picking ourselves up after a long hard fall and getting back on that broken road again.

Gee, Tour de France sounds kind of like life, doesn’t it.  The sure path that you had planned suddenly turns into the cobblestones which tilt you right and left and test you.  Is this a bad thing?  Well, not really.  It is simply life’s path, life’s journey.  It means you need to embrace the right turn, left turn, staying center and landing on your feet or picking yourself up for another round, and okay, the ride.  Yes, that is correct.  The ride of life.

The path I had planned as a little girl?  To be a NFL quarterback, but God or the Universal Spirit didn’t like that plan.  Instead I was destined to be a 5′ 90lb girl (though I might add with a good arm) blessed with a football mind that could, and still can, draw up plays with the best, beating my neighbor Mike at Madden on the X-Box as much as he practices at night to get beaten again.

The cobblestones in my life not in my game plan included parents divorce, colitis/asthma, a layoff….and well just life.  Perhaps that is what I love about sports.  You watch the athletes deal with the cobblestones, the challenges as we do off the field or court.  Only with life we don’t have a clock or innings or sets that give us the time frame which to meet these challenges.  We do have a set time frame with which to deal with them….just someone else knows what that time frame is and doesn’t share that information with us.

What I do know about the broken road is that love is what helps you enjoy the smooth parts, comfort you when you fall, lends a hand to pick you up.  And that love comes from many if you open up your heart.  And the broken road if you let it, will always lead back to that.

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