I gotta feeling…..that today’s gonna be a good day

Posted on July 9, 2010


So, I’ll be honest.  Today I woke up in a funk.  A bad funk.  I don’t like being in that funky mood at all, and then when I have a lunch date scheduled with a fellow @amdems who is a junior high/high school guy who I hadn’t seen in years, Deb not so happy.  Not a good day for a funk.  Perhaps I can blame it on a rather draining weekend, or a dislocated finger that was bumming me because I had to skip tennis again, or memories of a dear friend who is no longer with me, or a dear friend going through some tough cancer stuff and not catching a break, or a dear friend who is on a great trip and out of touch due to travel when I’m feeling a tad needy…well, to be honest?  What can I blame it on?  Me.  Yep, that would be me and my funk mood.

Climbed into the jeep on a steamy KC day to head to Pos Dumpling Bar to meet the guy I hadn’t seen in…well, ok, a couple of years.  You can quit laughing now…yes, the couple of years may be a tad longer than that, but Howard and I aren’t sharing.  I flipped on the radio to try to shake my funky mood because you see music does help me when I’m feeling sad or in a funk.  So, what song pops on the radio?  Well, this one…sometimes wonder who the DJ is who decides to have the tunes play on the stereo when you most need to hear the song playing?  Go figure.

So, I drove to the restaurant singing along with the “Black eyed peas” and fortunately for those around me they couldn’t hear my voice which makes dogs howl, but by the time I got to the restaurant, the funk was pretty much gone.  I was pumped up with the joy of life and music, thank you music for that wonderful gift, because you know what?  Today was a good day, a good, good day…and thank you for the gift of giving me the song and words to sing along until my soul believed that today was going to be a good, good night.

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