What is a best friend?

Posted on July 11, 2010


Today when I got on Facebook, I saw one of my favorite FB friends, Christine Russell, online and we began to chat as we typically do.  How did I meet Christine?  Well, I was doing a social media demo for my former neighbor Mike and his friend, Laura Mytinger.  At the end of the demo, Laura told me about her sister and said we had a lot in common, and we should meet each other.  So I friended Christine who graciously friended this stranger from Kansas City.  We began to comment on each other’s post and since have become friends.

Today Christine told me a beautiful story about true friendship, and in this case, the friendship involved two fish.  Yes, that is correct, I said fish.  She mentioned on Facebook that one of her fish had died and other fish was grieving.  She was going to clean the fish tank out, then go get a fish friend for him.  This led to our conversation where she then shared the sweetest story.

You see, fish aren’t supposed to have feelings or at least that is what both of us have heard.  Seven years ago Christine got three big fancy goldfish babies and a 55 gallon tank.  One of the three died, but the other two seven years later have shared this home since babies.  When the girl fish started having some difficulties, the boy fish became very attentive to her.  If he noticed her swimming upside down or simply hovering on the bottom of the tank, he would swim over and give her a nudge several times a day to get her swimming again.  During feeding time, he would go find where she was hovering and nudge her to the open so that she would catch food and eat it.  And when she was sleeping, he would hover over her.  He was her care taker.  You see, I’ve taken care of fish.  You sprinkle the food in and they all go eat it.  I’ve never known of a fish that would go get another fish to make sure she ate.

This morning the little guy was sitting with his nose in the corner of the tank and wouldn’t eat anything.  Yes, I do believe he was grieving for his best friend.  We, as humans, could learn a lot from this little fish.  If someone is having troubles, lend them a hand, check in on them to make sure they are doing okay.  After all, that’s what friends are for.  And, that is what we as humans can and should do for others.  Thank you Christine for sharing the story and letting me blog about it.

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