Sticking with the Friendship Theme….

Posted on July 12, 2010


Have you ever had the friend who believed you could accomplish anything, that no obstacle was too great for you, that believed in you even when you didn’t even believe in yourself?  I’m blessed to say yes I have, and that friend is very rare indeed and a treasure when you are fortunate to have your paths cross in this journey called life.  I’ve been extremely fortunate to have several of these friends, and some of whom I met through twitter.

On twitter, when I got laid off, I had good friends who would check in to simply say hi, along with several law firm colleagues.  I have a dear friend who despite not being a tennis fan sat through a marathon tennis match simply because she was a good friend who wanted to support me.  I did have to wake her up when the marathon late night match was done, but that was beside the point.  And I am kidding, though she was slightly starving and not a tennis fan when I was done.

My last post I wrote about the friendship between the two fish, and well, to be honest, I’ve seen that type of friendship between humans, and been fortunate to experience it in friendship.  I have a dear friend who is going through some tough times and wondered why people think she is an inspiration to them.  I told her that it was because of her belief and support in her friends, humanity and the human spirit that made her an inspiration.  I think that in some ways it was the little fish’s belief in what his little friend could do with help that inspired her to get out in the open, to eat the food even when she would rather hover on the bottom of the tank.  Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but I think not.  In the case of this fish friend, well, my friend who told me she is bad at names, has named this sweet little guy fish Bubba.

I know when my friend Judy was struggling in her cancer battle that she commented to me that she often leaned on my belief in what she could do, and when we worked together and I was completely worn and stressed out, I believed in her belief that we could get any project done, despite the challenges.  Truly when we get down to it, isn’t it because of love and human connection, or in the case of the little fish, fish connection, that helps us overcome obstacles, push ourselves beyond what we thought possible and believe in each other?

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