Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Posted on July 14, 2010


I’ve come to a simple conclusion today…perhaps it is because I’m a Leo and I’m nearing the birthday month where I get reminded by those close to me how much of a Leo I am.  I would like to think  this is meant to be a compliment, but somehow the tone at which they tell me this doesn’t indicate it is.  You see Lions, or Leos, like to think they rule their world or so they would like to think.  I don’t think we are unique from watching human nature.  I think we all would like to think we rule the world, and by rule, well, I’m talking about we know best and if someone would simply listen to us, we could probably solve the world’s problems.  The reality?  Well, we really likely don’t know best, but we think we do…at least at times.

So my simple conclusion for today is…well, that everyone wants to rule the world. What has led me to the conclusion beyond my Leo trait of assuming that everyone adores the lion and that a lion should rule the world?  Well, several things throughout the day and then go figure, driving home from errands, this song comes on the radio and a blog post pops into my head.

Let’s start with the morning.  I was up late the night before working on a post for http://www.i70baseball.com.  As I wrote and edited my post, Shelbs slept quite soundly.


Meanwhile, I wrote.  Finally I turned the light off, and all too soon in the morning it became light as it does so early during summer.  Shelbs, of course, had slept soundly, was well rested and with a wet nose forcing me awake.  Yes, Shelbs wants to and does rule this world of my home.  I drag myself out of slumber, staggering into clothes and let her out to do her morning business to which she likes to be rewarded with breakfast.  I, meanwhile, make coffee.  I realize that I’m out of dog food, and since Shelbs seems to rule my world, I head to the store…oh, did I mention I needed cat food for the old grumpy cat?  Post coffee, I head to the store where I grab cat food, dog food and treats…for me, tea.  Yes, they are more expensive.  I did mention they rule my world, didn’t I?

I stand in line slowly becoming more alert, thank you coffee.  The woman in front of me realizes she has forgotten several items…realizing once she has most of her groceries checked.  She turns quickly banging into this sleepy one without an apology.  Now I have been known to dart.  Yes, dart.  One of my friends has commented that she is afraid this forty-something woman will simply dart out into traffic someday, so I can forgive a fellow darter.  But as we suddenly do a body slam, she makes no comment, no apologies…simply a glare to indicate she was irritated that I was in her path.

After what seems like eternity, Missy Body Slam (aka, MBS) comes back with an armful of items.  That explains why it took so long.  The clerk, a sweet Hen House staffer, checks her out glancing at me with an apologetic gaze.  I smile acknowledging her discomfort.  The next step?  Well, MBS has left her purse in the car.  Finally after much time, she is checked out with not so much as a thank you or I’m sorry or any recognition that she has been a pain.  And, I get it now.  This is her world she rules.

Next up on “Everybody Wants to Rule the World?” A friend of mine trying to get some work done who needs some help from a colleague to do it.  Well, colleague won’t respond.  Colleague thinks that they rule the world, or at least, try to.  I’ve seen this so many times, and to be honest hate it.  Though I’m a Leo, as a boss, I always asked my staff to give me honest feedback even if it was feedback I really didn’t want to hear.  Why?  Well because that is what I believe you do as a boss, even if you are a Lion/Leo.  Yes, I would love to rule the world, but the reality?  Well, I don’t and won’t.

Why do I want to rule the world?  Well, I have a friend with a very tough case of cancer.  I dearly wish she could rule the world…or that the world would listen to this small Lion and let her rule the world.  I probably would not solve the world’s problems, but by god, I would solve the world’s cancers.  If I was in charge of the world, my little friend would not suffer through this challenge.  If anyone has a contact to get me in charge of ruling the world, let me know.  So for now, yes, let it be known “I do want to rule the world” if anyone is listening.

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