Help me, I think I’m falling in love with life

Posted on July 15, 2010


So those who are following this blog realize by now that I have a dear friend battling for her life right now against the disease I hate most, cancer. I hate, hate, hate it.  So while my little friend is fighting the fight of her life, she is teaching me to appreciate, to love this thing called life.  She’s teaching me to have a love affair with each day, each moment with something that, well, to be frank, I simply have taken for granted.  Yes, for granted.  And as we text about what she is facing each day, well, I wonder, how could I have taken this precious gift called life for granted.  The reality, well, yes, I have taken this gift for granted, and I have for years.

You see, I guess I have always assumed I had endless days in which to do things in life.  I guess I have many times put off things to another day assuming I had another day.  For my friend?  Well, she has no idea if she will have one day, two days, months or years to do things.  Kind of puts things in perspective for me.  Listening to her talk about the realization of not knowing how long you have on this spinning world called earth makes me appreciate the fact that I’m here on this spinning globe.  It makes me fall in love with this thing called life.  Yes, help me.  I’m definitely falling in love with life and I owe my friend for helping me fall into this love affair.  I have a deeper appreciation for the good in life, more patience for the bad moments and appreciation for the times that neither fit good or bad, but simply are.

My little friend has helped me pause for a moment on the front step to peek in on the bird house at the little baby birds chirping to their momma.  Pause to do more than wave at a neighbor, but rather ask how they are doing and chat for a while.  She’s helped me to help an elderly woman at the store slowly (and I like to do things quickly) unload groceries into her car at a pace that is not one of my strengths, but do it to enjoy the moment of human company and conversation.

What my friend has taught me is to appreciate the moment.  To appreciate the deep breath, the humanness of all of us, the joy of a rainbow, the drop of a raindrop.  Truly, the moments in life and to cherish each of them.  She is my “Earl” in life, for those “Saving Grace” fans.  A gift that this crazy 140 character thing called twitter has given to me.

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