In Memory of My Friend – Nick Dutcher RIP

Posted on July 23, 2010


Each time I hear Celine Dion, well, I think of my friend Nick.

You see Nick adored her.  No price was too much for a ticket to see her as close as he could get to the stage, and no drive too far to get to a concert of hers.  He told me that once he drove all night just to be there.  I remember our last IRL trip to our favorite restaurant Bo Lings, he proudly pulled up each picture he had taken at his last concert on his iPhone to show me.  So, on this day when I’m feeling very sad at the  loss of this sweet, kind, gentle man Nick Dutcher due to a completely senseless robbery, all I can think about is Nick and his passions.  His passions included weather, chasing storms…and you see, I’m regretting the fact that I didn’t go with him on one of his storm chases.  It was a late Sunday afternoon after a long day of tennis and I got the call from a very excited Nick saying “hey, going to be some good storms tonight.  Want to come with me to chase?” I was feeling quite drained from the heat, and let’s just say today, I sincerely regret the choice I made which was to stay home.  I’m also regretting what will now be an epic meetup with Nick and DeAnn Smith for dinner on a day I made a dumb decision and played in awful heat, thereby feeling quite sick and missing what sounds like was a great night of fun.

You see, Nick was truly one of a kind.  He was a very passionate, positive sweet guy who truly cared about his friends, his work, his life.  One whose passions included going to concerts to watch and listen to his favorite performer Celine Dion, hanging out with good friends and his dogs who were his babies.

He was so very proud of his SUV a 2009 Ford Escape that he ended up possibly losing his life over.  I remember meeting him at Oak Street Coffee and walking out after a wonderful Friday morning coffee meetup to be introduced to the SUV that he had bought and was very proud of.  How tragic that this is the car he may have lost his life over.

How did I meet Nick?  I met him on twitter when he was playfully tweeting one of his cameramen during a particularly busy night.  They started chatting about food and I was in a playful mood, so I tweeted that Brandon could bring me some chinese.  Nick was a playful guy too and that brought upon an evening of playful food tweets which ended up resulting in a dinner date over chinese, our favorites.  He invited me down one Sunday evening to meet DeAnn Smith who had become a twitter buddy, and was a fellow chinese food lover.  Nick was the gracious host, showing me around the studio and introducing me to anyone we came in contact with.  As I met Gary Lezak, DeAnn Smith and Cynthia Newsome, to name a few, it became very obvious the love and respect that they had for Nick.  And, it became very obvious the passion he had for the job he did.  You see, Nick was someone truly passionate about the news.

Nick was also very passionate about social media, and truly understood what social media was all about.  I remember Nick and I telling Cynthia she needed to get on twitter and her laughing saying she didn’t really have anything to tweet about that was interesting, meanwhile I looked over at Nick, who so loved twitter and saw such a big smile on his sweet face when talking about this wonderful social media tool.  Nick had not only a passion for news, social media, weather, Celine Dion, but also his colleagues.  Yes, he was someone who dearly loved his colleagues, and I can’t even begin to express how much he dearly loved and missed his good buddy DeAnn Smith when she took another position.  He was so proud and so very happy for her wonderful opportunity, yet grieving to see her go as he so dearly loved working with her.

I’m thinking the reason Nick and I truly connected was a shared passion for the work we did, the colleagues we worked with who meant more than simply a body in a chair in the same office and a drive to do the best damn job we could every waking moment.  I wish I could have had one night to tell him what he meant to me, to not be distracted by life’s distractions and miss a chance to chase a tornado with him, or share a drink among friends.  And Nick, I so wish someone had been there to protect you from this tragedy because I know you would have worked hard to prevent it for others.  You will be most dearly missed and have no idea the lives you touched in your 30 short years.  Nick, you were an angel when you were here on this planet, and I know definitely, you are our angel now.

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