Gotta Find Me an Angel…

Posted on August 3, 2010


I’m thinking many of us want to find us an angel, and I’m guessing when we lose a friend, well, we hope , or at least wish, that our dear friend we lost might be our angel.  Whether we are consciously thinking about it or not, we want our angel watching after our back.  There is some comfort knowing someone is there watching out for us, particularly when we are met with that part of  life that is so damn uncertain.  And if our friend had our back in mere mortal land, well, trust me, we want our friend watching our back in a land that is unknown, yet headed towards the land of uncertainty.

So, hey, gotta find me an angel. I’m stuck in the land of mortal world…and damn happy I am, but know I’m headed toward that world of the unknown, and well frankly, need an angel to watch my back.  Anyone know any angels who are out there looking for some freelance work?  Can’t give you  a full-time gig at the moment, though could recommend a number of some freelance gigs for the angel strolling down the street to my door.  Could be profitable, well, I guess it depends.  The compensation?  Well, some dear kind, sweet, giving souls who would be happy to recommend you to many others.

Many of us really need to find us an angel.  Um, me being one.  And well hey, I’m guessing you angels might need some tweeps?  Just thinking….So, hey, gotta find me an angel.  Any recommendations?  And in terms of angels, @nick4127 damn well better be part of the angel free-agent pool because he is my number one pick for talent.  He is my number one fantasy angel pick in a brand new league, the fantasy angel  league.  I can only imagine his face if I told him he was my number one draft pick in the new Angel fantasy draft….yeah, he would laugh.  But you see, he would be my number one angel pick.  Damn, there is no fantasy angel league or draft, so I guess, I’m gonna have to find me an angel, eh?  And yet when I think about a fantasy angel draft, I’m thinking maybe we should think about becoming the angel we would draft?  Maybe?  I don’t know, but I’m thinking yes.

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