Hold on……

Posted on August 7, 2010


I’ll be honest.  I don’t like knowing when something bad is going to happen.  I know it may sound strange, but I would rather be surprised if it is going to be something bad and painful.  Now, I’m not saying I like a bad thing happening when I don’t know it will happen.  I don’t at all.  But there is something about knowing something bad and painful is headed your way day after day that I really don’t like experiencing.  Perhaps that is why this song really is running through my mind right now.

All I can think about are the words “hold on, hold on to yourself, and know that only time will tell”, and trust me, there are many peeps out there who are telling themselves those two words,  “hold on”.

You see what you don’t realize and because I haven’t shared with you, one of my longtime tennis friends is losing a health battle.  And this is going to turn out bad for us mere mortals who love her.  Eventually I’ll be hitting with her on a different type of court…well, and frankly, she’ll still kick my ass, but don’t share that with her.  I like her to think that I might kick her ass sometime…but not real hopeful after years of getting kicked.

She’s dealing with this life match like she has with every tennis match, giving it her all 100% and yet, gracious and full of class, regardless of the outcome.  She still would like to kick my ass on the court.  And when she gets to the next space, well, don’t mess with the kiddo.  Trust me, I have years of experience I can share with this lefty slugger.

So, those of you who know something bad and painful is headed your way…well, “hold on.  Hold on to yourself.  This is going to hurt like hell.” Yet at the same time, grasp for the goodness, the learnings, the joy of a simple moment in time…like a shared smoothie, a laugh, a ladybug rescue in a nursing home.  These are the moments that will make your heart smile at a time it is aching, give you a chuckle when the tears seem endless, give you a hug from someone you love who has moved on.

So, “hold on” not only for the pain that is inevitable, but “hold on” to those moments that you will cherish forever and will help you through what is coming your way.

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