A beautiful tribute to Nick Dutcher @nick4127

Posted on September 2, 2010


This is a beautifully written post by Traci Angel for the KC Star about someone who was an angel on this earth and now an angel in the clouds.  For those who weren’t blessed to know this kind, loving man, this post describes him perfectly.  Thank you Traci.

An arrest was made.  For those who love and miss him?  I guess it brings some closure.  At least I know it brings some relief to know that justice is served.  All I can say is I find it quite sad.  A young 20 year old will go to prison for a long time.  It is sad that a young 20 year old heads to jail for many years, a waste of life.  He is a thug, so yes, he deserves to go to prison.  This young man killed a kind friend to many, and why?  Over greed?  Stupidity?  Simply being a thug?

I feel sad that a young 30 year old kind soul who would do anything for anyone is killed and a 20 year old kid who stole and killed will spend, likely, the rest of his life in prison. It is so senseless.

Nick’s killer Antonio T. Grandison was charged on Friday night with first-degree murder, armed criminal action and first-degree burglary in connection with the case. Grandison is being held on $500,000 bond.  I truly am grateful they found Nick’s killer.  This is a story about a kind soul, Nick, a senseless murder, a loss of life, a waste of a young life, his killer and Nick.  This young man Antonio makes me as sad as the loss of my friend.  I don’t understand.  He will obviously get to face the consequences of this terrible act.  Does that bring comfort?  Not really, here is a young man who didn’t value a human’s life.  Who made choices out of greed perhaps?  Who never was taught, or never learned to value life.  The story of this murder is the loss of two people’s lifes.  One by choice, Antonio and one so unfortunate, Nick.

Those who knew Nick know he would do anything for anyone.  If he had been in that room and saw Antonio attacking someone, he would have done everything he could do to fight them off.  It is so sad that he was alone with this murderer with no one to help.  And it is sad that Antonio’s mom finds out that her son has killed someone who loved his mom so.

There is nothing good that comes out of this, except that perhaps justice is served.  Unfortunately, it is sad in every way.  Perhaps what comforts me, and not sure about others, is that when I look at a cloud I think of Nick, and wow, that is a nice way to be remembered.  I look at a cloud and I think of a kind, sweet, caring soul.

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