A Post in Honor of My Friend Judy…on an Anniversary

Posted on September 24, 2010


We are approaching an anniversary date of the loss of a dear friend of mine.  Ms. Judy, who I’ve introduced you to in previous posts.  She’s been on my mind lately.  Perhaps it could be that the KC Chiefs are undefeated and this little die hard fan would be jumping up and down, and frankly, only talking about the Chiefs right now.  And would provide her coaching advice to anyone who paused long enough to hear her opinions.   Perhaps it is feeling sad on another year that I coach a fantasy football team without my friend.  Or, perhaps it is the sudden sight of butterflies in the air which she always loved, or the leaves falling down on the ground that are bringing memories flooding me now.  What I do know is this little person has been heavily on my mind.

What do I miss most about this kiddo?  Ahh, I miss being irritated at her volunteering me for much work when she knew I had no time to do it.  I miss my biggest cheerleader, someone who would face the battlefield with me simply because I was her friend.  I miss her telling me I was too skinny and needed to eat more.  I miss her trying to conform me into some church going conservative girl.  I miss her giving me a hard time about not having a practical car as she sat in my jeep wrangler headed to chemo with the top down and wind blowing through her hair that she had spent much time on.  I miss going for the McDonald breakfast sandwich runs when she suddenly developed an appetite and so needed to eat.  I miss her bitching about my driving skills as we ran errands and she didn’t like the way I took.  I miss the getting nudged in the middle of the night to make her a smoothie, only to find out she had fallen asleep when I staggered out of bed and made it.  Most of all?  I miss the kind and generous soul she was on this earth, and I’m very grateful these two completely opposite peeps managed to cross paths in life.

So, my kind and generous friend Ms Judy, time to catch up.  Yep, I’m  still cursing…I know, I can see you cringe right now.  I try to use the f’bomb less frequently…I did say, working on it, right.  I try to go to church every once in awhile…okay, not good in that arena either.  I’m not a republican yet.   I do continue to help out peeps in need.  Just don’t have an agent who is sending them to me.  Have to find them on my own.  I miss my “someone-in-need” agent right now.

I can see that you obviously are coaching the Chiefs right now to an undefeated start.  Coach Haley would send his thanks I’m sure.  You would be proud of the boys.  And, god knows, I need your help in fantasy football.  Getting my ass kicked.  I hope you are kicking some heavenly fantasy football booty upstairs.  Thinking you might have a tad advantage right now.  I’m sure you’ve got every angel working their tail off as you did with me here in the land down under.  What I can say that has changed, well, I miss you my friend.

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