You’ve Got A Friend

Posted on March 24, 2011


Today I lost a very good friend, one I’ve known for 18 years…one who no matter what decision I made or didn’t make stuck by my side.  She never judged whether it was right, wrong, good or really stupid.  She just stuck by me.  She traveled with me with her bowl and her blanket trusting that I made the right decision even when I wasn’t sure.  And if I hadn’t, well, she didn’t judge me, she simply curled up on top of me at night with a purr and a kiss, and you know, it wasn’t until now that I realize how comforting that was.

This little girl decided to spare me the agony of her passing.  She decided to wait until I was gone to pass to wherever you pass to next that is not in this realm.  Yes I knew she was 18 and that is old for a cat, but I guess in some weird sense, I trusted this loyal friend would always be there, yes, not realistic.

My comfort is that perhaps she was a secret Elizabeth Taylor fan and wanted to dump me to be Ms. Taylor’s companion.  What I can say is I miss her already and the tears don’t seem to want to stop tonight.

We are truly blessed when some loyal companion decides to hitch their ride with you for a long journey that may be tough at times.  I’m blessed Charlie that you stuck with me and tell Ms. Taylor to be good to you.  You are one good girl.

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